Planning Committee



Despite the current ‘lock down’ due to the coronavirus outbreak, Gedling Borough Council is still receiving and determining planning applications.

The Parish Council has sought a cessation of determinations, due to the public representation not being possible at this time, but has been advised by GBC’s planning department that it is statutorily obliged to do so, “so although there may be delays, these will continue”.

Applications currently due for comment by the Parish Council and members of the public are as follows:

2020/0238 12 Dwellings, Ashdale, Nottingham Road and

2019/0995 Oak Garage, 2 Cragmoor Road

For items which do not need to go to GBC’s Planning Committee, consultation periods will not be extended and the expectation is that the Parish Council’s Planning Committee will collectively communicate via email and submit comments. If as a member of the public you wish to submit a comment to the Parish Council, please do so by emailing

For applications such as 2020/0238 above, which is for the erection of 12 dwellings, there is a requirement that they are determined by GBC’s Planning Committee, which is currently suspended.  However, the Parish Council has been advised that although this application is “unlikely to be determined in the short-term, if the suspension were to continue in the longer-term it is likely that some interim measures may need to be put in-place”.  The consultation period for the Parish Council has been extended until the 8th May.  We are pleased to advise that as of 3rd April 2020 this extension has also now been applied to residents for your comments.

Again, if as a member of the public you wish to submit a comment to Gedling Borough Council, please also copy this into the Parish Council at the above email address, so we are aware of your concerns.



The Planning Committee is chaired by Councillor Terry Hazard and there are currently 6 additional members: Cllrs R Fife, Y Greenfield, J Richardson, R Ringham,   D Wright and D Yates.

The Committee meets every month to receive correspondence and consider any items relating to Planning issues.

In particular, the Committee will discuss, monitor progress and make recommendations to the Parish Council on the following areas:

  • Any proposals for development within or outside of the Parish which affect the growth, prosperity and wellbeing of the Parish and to consult on any action considered necessary
  • Any other business which falls within the remit of this Committee

The Planning Committee has the Council’s delegated power to:

  • Make comment on any non-contentious proposals and/or applications received
  • Respond to consultative documents received by the Council and falling within the remit of the Committee

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings and copies of minutes are available on the Planning Minutes page.