A612 through Burton Joyce village of Tractor traffic during the harvest period

Severn Trent Green Power (STgreenpower) have kindly provided details in regard to the up and coming crop harvest which will start shortly. This harvest time will inevitably lead to an increase in tractor trailer traffic along the A612 through Burton Joyce for the duration of the harvest, which is expected to take 6 weeks – weather permitting.

STgreenpower will keep to the agreed voluntary working times along this stretch of road of Monday to Saturday only – between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

It is envisaged this year will be no different to any other year and all drivers will be briefed to respect the village route and keep to a maximum of 25mph, therefore making such a vehicle passing through the village less intrusive. This is in line with previous years and please contact the Parish Office with any feedback as the harvest progresses.