Amenities Committee

The Amenities Committee is chaired by Councillor Nick Orders and there are currently 3 other members: Cllrs Paul Hyde, Yvonne Greenfield and Richard Fife.

The Committee meets every other month to receive correspondence and consider any issues relating to the allotments, the cemetery, the Grove, Roberts Recreation Ground and the general village environment (including floral displays and Christmas lights). A full schedule of meetings is available here.

In particular, the Committee will discuss, monitor progress and make recommendations to the Parish Council on the following areas:

  • Health & safety issues in respect of the sites mentioned
  • Fees charged
  • Plans for future development
  • Adequacy of existing facilities
  • General staffing requirements, maintenance and upkeep of sites
  • Annual budget in relation to these areas and spending in relation to this budget
  • Policies and procedures in respect of these areas
  • Any other business which falls within the remit of this Committee

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings. Copies of minutes are available here:

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