Amenities Terms Of Reference

Committee type Sub-committee
Reports to Full Council
Frequency of meeting Bi-monthly
Minimum number of members (standing orders – 3) 5
Quorum 3
Membership to include (ref standing orders) Any Councillor
Election of chairman First meeting after annual meeting
Presence of non-councillors GHA / Friends of Groups
Date of ratification May 10th 2022

Specific duties

  • Allotments
  • Cemetery
  • The Grove
  • Roberts Recreation Ground
  • Village Environment – including floral displays
  • War Memorial
  • Millennium Sundial
  • Old School Building Maintenance

Its roles and functions will be to receive and consider any correspondence on the above issues, prior to making recommendations (where necessary) to Full Council. To consider and make recommendations to the Parish Council and monitor progress of:

  • Health and safety issues in respect of the sites mentioned
  • Plans for future development
  •  Adequacy of existing facilities
  • General staffing requirements, maintenance and upkeep of sites
  • Annual budget in relation to these areas and spending in relation to this budget
  • Policies and procedures in relation to these areas
  • Any other business which falls within the remit of this Committee

For the committee to have delegated authority as follows:


  1. Resolve boundary and allotment area issues
  2. Authorise or refuse repayment of deposits to tenants on relinquishment of plots based on condition of allotment at the end of their rental period
  3. Conduct regular allotment inspections and authorise termination of allotment agreements if terms of agreement area breached, subject to formal review of decision by Full Council of requested


  1. Approve and authorise works required to maintain headstone safety
  2. Request removal of inappropriate memorial materials in accordance with the Parish Council’s Cemetery Regulations

Chair and Vice-Chair of Amenities Committee to have delegated authority to approve or refuse applications for sheds, poly-tunnels or other structures.


Amenities Team