Burials have taken place in the Cemetery since 1879, following the closure of burials in the Churchyard by order of the Council on the 15th December 1879. The Cemetery and Garden of Rest is owned and run by Burton Joyce Parish Council. It is a beautiful, tranquil and very well maintained site. All enquiries regarding the Cemetery should be directed to the Parish Clerk.


 Fees for Residents (2021-22)
 Fees for Non-Residents (2021-22)
Interment FeeStill born childNilStill born child£364
Child under 12 yearsNilChild under 12 years£530
Person over 12 years£498Person over 12 years£1991
Burial PlotChild under 12 years£359Child under 12 years£1,436
Person over 12 years£413Person over 12 years£1,651
Interment of Ashes
In reserved plot or grave (adult or child)£193In reserved plot or grave (adult or child)£752
Casket Burial PlotAdult or child£188Adult or child£752
Scattering of AshesEither on a grave or in the Garden of Rest£59Either on a grave or in the Garden of Rest£235
MemorialsHeadstone or Plaque£247Headstone or Plaque£247
Inscription after 1st on headstone or plaque£91Inscription after 1st on headstone or plaque£91
Inscription on garden of rest stone£91 + £58 admin fee + £45 per letterInscription on garden of rest stone£91 + £58 admin fee + £6 per letter
Search feeCharge per hour (minimum 1 hour)£38Charge per hour (minimum 1 hour)£38

Definition of Resident:

The Parish Council provides a cemetery primarily for the benefit of our residents, which means our fees and charges may be considerably higher for non-residents of Burton Joyce. For the purpose of the fees, a resident is defined as:

i) A resident of the village of Burton Joyce OR

ii) A former resident who left the village within 2 years prior to the date of death OR

iii) Had been a resident for 30 years and who left the village to live in a residential home, nursing home or other care facility.

Non Residents: Shall not be permitted to reserve plots and will not be accommodated in the cemetery unless they have pre-existing rights having purchased or reserved a plot or have close family (spouse/partner, parent, sibling, child) already interred in the cemetery.