Finance and General Purpose Committee

The Finance & General Purposes Committee is chaired by Councillor Paul Hyde and there are currently 5 members: Cllrs Hyde, P Blandamer, Cluff, Ringham & Johnson.

The Committee meets every other month to receive correspondence and consider any issues relating to personnel, finance, communications, internal and external audit, insurances, property (including buildings, machinery and other capital goods), general administration and grants/donations. A full schedule of meetings is available here.

In particular, the Committee will discuss, monitor progress and make recommendations to the Parish Council on the following areas:

  • Members Code of Conduct, Standing Orders & Financial regulations
  • The Council’s financial affairs to ensure that they are conducted in accordance with the approved financial regulations
  • The Council’s annual budget and spending against that budget
  • The Annual precept
  • Strategic and annual audit plans from the internal and external audit service and the implementation of any recommendations
  • Staffing, personal and pension issues (including annual salary and performance review, training and development and employee’s health and safety)
  • Council’s policies and procedures
  • Applications for grants and donations
  • Adequacy and appropriation of insurances
  • Communication, partnership and involvement
  • Any other business which falls within the remit of this Committee

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings and copies of the minutes are available to download here or at request of the Parish Clerk