Finance & General Purpose Terms of Reference

Committee type Standing Committee
Reports to Full Council
Frequency of meeting Bi-Monthly
Minimum number of members 4 To include chairs of each sub-committee
Quorum 3
Membership to include Chair of the Parish Council
Election of chairman At Annual Meeting
Presence of non-councillors N/A
Date of ratification May 16th 2023

Specific duties

  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Audit
  • Insurances
  • Property – including buildings, machinery and other capital goods
  • General Administration
  • Grants
  • Policy
  • CIL expenditure
  • Fee setting for all facilities

Its roles and functions will be to receive and consider any correspondence on the above issues, prior to making recommendations (where necessary) to Full Council. To consider, make recommendations to the Parish Council and monitor progress of:

  1. Members’ Code of Conduct, Standing Orders and Financial Regulations
  2. The Council’s financial affairs to ensure they are conducted in accordance with the approved financial regulations
  3. The Council’s annual budget and spending against that budget
  4. The Annual Precept
  5. Strategic and annual audit plans from the internal and external audit service and the implementation of any recommendations
  6. Council’s policies and procedures
  7. Application for Grants
  8. Adequacy and appropriation of insurances
  9. Communication, partnership and involvement
  10. Any other business which falls within the remit of this Committee 


Finance & General Purpose Team

Vice Chair