The Parish Council

The present system of Parish Councils and Parish Meetings was established by the Local Government Act 1894, although the parishes and their functions are much older. ‘Parish’ is an old English word that means local territory or catchment area, and in ancient times it played a very important role in the lives of people, from providing them with a sense of community identity through to how they were governed.

Parish Councils have a varying number of Councillors, which reflects the size of the parish. Burton Joyce has 11 members. Councillors are democratically elected every 4 years at the same time as the Borough Council elections. Unless a vacancy occurs during the 4 year term in which case new councillors may be co-opted on to the Council by existing members or local residents request an election to be held.

All councillors are obliged to follow the Council Code of Conduct and the Parish Council follows rules, regulations and procedures as laid down – ultimately by Central Government.

Parish Councils are funded mainly by a levy on parish residents (known as the precept) which is added to the Council tax bill alongside contributions to the County Council, the Borough Council, the Police and the Fire Authority.

Parish Councils have a variety of responsibilities, duties (the things it must do), and powers (the things that it may do). All these are laid down in various Acts of Parliament. Parish Councils have few actual duties but they do have a wide range of powers.

The Parish Council has a responsibility to consider the interests and needs of local residents, and to ensure that they act in line with the views of the local community to the benefit of the Parish as a whole.

Burton Joyce Parish Council meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month (with the exception of August) and members of the public are welcome to attend. There is a period of time set aside at each meeting for members of the public to raise any issues. Meetings are usually held in the The Main Hall, The Old School Building, Main Street, Burton Joyce and commence at 7.30pm. Copies minutes are available to download here or by request to the Parish Clerk.