The key message from the current national lockdown is stay at home:

“You must stay at home.  This is the single most important action we can all take to protect the NHS and save lives.

You must not leave your home unless necessary

Stay 2 meters apart from anyone not in your household or bubble”

Following the announcement of a third national lockdown on 4th January 2021 we have reviewed the details of what may and may not remain open of the Parish Council’s amenities.

Whilst it is currently possible to exercise alone, with one other person or with your household or support bubble, this should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.

The status of our facilities is as follows:


Due to the suspension of all non-elite sports, with some exceptions, the Poplars Sports Ground is currently CLOSED.  It is anticipated that this will be the case until at least mid-February, but we will be closely monitoring the latest legislation and follow any rule changes.


The allotments will remain OPEN,  but will operate within the current restrictions.  The best source of advice for this can be found on the National Allotment Society’s Website:


The legislation states that “you can only leave your home to exercise, and not for the purpose of recreation or leisure (e.g. a picnic or a social meeting). This should be limited to once per day and you should not travel outside your local area).  You can exercise in a public outdoor place by yourself, with the people you live with, with your support bubble, in a childcare bubble where providing child care, or when on your own, with one person from another household”.

Playgrounds are categorised as outdoor spaces, so the Roberts Recreation Ground will remain OPEN, as will The Grove park, off Willow Wong.


The cemetery will remain OPEN.  For funerals – up to a maximum of 30 people may attend. Wakes and other linked ceremonial events can continue in a group of up to 6 people.


We hope that you stay safe and well in this difficult time.  A voluntary support group is still running within the village for anyone who is self-isolating or in need of support.  Please contact the co-ordinator Gillian Flynn at if you would like to volunteer or you need support.