Speeding Operation

The Police ran a Speeding Operation in Burton Joyce on Saturday 10th October. It was expanded slightly to cover all elements of road safety and covered the main road into Burton Joyce to slow vehicles down.

The results reported to the Parish Council are as follows:

9 x Vehicles stopped

3 x drivers reported for Speeding offences and will either receive a fine, education course or Court Summons.

3 x drivers were issued with Traffic Offence Reports for not wearing a seatbelt and will likely receive a fine

2 x drivers were issued with a Traffic Offence Report for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

1 x driver was issued with a Traffic Offence Report for using a vehicle without the correct insurance.

The team felt that their presence and the activity did slow people down and we will be putting this out in the local media this week.

The Police now issue “Traffic Offence Reports” to all drivers who commit Road Traffic offences. They have a unit which processes these and look at offending history, seriousness of the offence etc in determining the correct outcome which is usually points/fine, an educational course or a court summons.



The Parish Council recently had a productive meeting with our Neighbourhood Policing Inspector, Chris Pearson, who provided the following information:

101 remains the ‘non-emergency’ number for Nottinghamshire Police. It is now a free number to call. This number can get busy at times so an online reporting tool has been developed for crime/anti-social behaviour and some other matters which are outlined on their website. It is suggested that the use of this is aimed at non-urgent enquiries or reports. But it can be helpful and is triaged by our control room in the same way as a telephone call to ensure an appropriate response.

There is also a team email address at Carlton which is gedling.southnpa@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

This is picked up by the Neighbourhood Policing team based at Carlton Ambulance Station and the team will get back to you as soon as they can. It is a good way to get any advice from the neighbourhood team and again it is suggested that this is a communication route for non-urgent enquiries.

The #WhatMatters Survey is a new tool to capture the local communities concerns. This can be also be found online at www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/whatmatters

Its use is encouraged so that local concerns can be dealt with as much as possible. The approach is ‘you said – we did’ and involves partner agencies such as Gedling Borough Council throughout.

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