A working group of the Parish Council is now actively putting together a business plan to support the funding application in respect of a proposed new floodlit, 3G pitch at the Poplars Sports Ground. The deadline for submission is 31st March 2015. Key tasks to be achieved by that date are to identify additional funding sources and revenue streams, to survey the site, approve the preliminary design and establish build costs of the new facility and to receive the necessary planning permissions.

Once the business case has been completed it will be considered for approval by the Parish Council. Community support is a vital component for the future success of this project – local clubs have already committed £15k towards the required Community Fund specified by Grant Finders for the 3G facility, current projections suggest that there needs to be income of at least another £5k from fundraising in the village by July 2015 .

Any clubs, businesses or individuals who wish to register an interest in either using a 3G facility, offering sponsorship or in helping with fundraising activities should contact the Parish Office in the first instance.