The Parish Council Calls for Better Solution to Rail Crossing Closure Proposal.
At a meeting with the Parish Council in May 2024, Network Rail (NR) informed us that they will close imminently the Chestnut Grove (Nelson) rail crossing utilising an emergency 6 month emergency ‘temporary’ closure order. Considerable concern was expressed, with a call for better and more considered solutions. A site meeting on 20th May 2024 was subsequently held with NR and both the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council and the Rights of Way Officer, who did not support the closure of this crossing.
The crossing is at the centre of the village and a public right of way. It provides a vital access to a beautiful section of the River Trent which is a huge attraction for many people, not just from within the village but also from further afield.
The Parish Council have held a number of meetings with Network Rail, but despite repeated requests for research and analysis on causes of incidents, and how they could be addressed and mitigated through well considered solutions, nothing substantive has been presented. Questions about the effectiveness of basic safety signage have been asked but not been answered. Without this evidence and an understanding of the impact a crossing closure would have, we do not believe it is convincing for us to accept closure of a basic right of way.
Pedestrian and train crew safety are paramount, but we need to be assured that all options have been explored before a closure is instigated. The Parish Council are looking for all authorities starting with Network Rail, and local council authorities potentially such as Gedling Borough Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, plus others, to work collaboratively on ways that enhance safety but also take a wider perspective to protect community access and amenity.
We will update the village when we know any more. We will not be monitoring comments or responding to individual posts on Facebook. Your views are important to us, so please email the Parish Council directly to share them with us, rather than use Facebook.

Note: Network Rail have not proceeded with the emergency closure so far. At the meeting at Chestnut Grove, suggestions were made by NCC about better crossing design, additional signage and maintenance of nearby foliage. The Council expressed considerable concern at the effect of any closures in the village. Network Rail have also had CCTV at the Lee Road crossing recently, and have mentioned it for consideration for closure.