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The Parish Council Office is open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10:30am to 12.30pm and other days and times by appointment. Please ring the bell and wait for someone to greet you at the door during the Covid-19 pandemic .  Staff and Councillors can be contacted via the phone numbers and email addresses below:

Contact :  

Jessica Sherrin, Parish Clerk –

Jayne Savage, Deputy Clerk –

Burton Joyce Parish Council
The Old School Building, Main Street
Burton Joyce,
NG14 5DZ

Tel:  0115 931 40 84

David List, Grounds and Amenities Manager –

Tel: 07957 869096

Chair:           Cllr Paul Hyde                       Vice Chair:      Cllr Robin Ringham

Paul Hyde  07867 538 548
Jeanette Johnson (0115) 844 90 42
David Wright 07876 791 499
Richard Fife (0115) 931 22 13
Terry Hazard (0115) 931 24 72
Yvonne Greenfield 07788 435 857
David Yates  (0115) 931 28 58
Laurence King 07768 438 590
John Richardson  (0115) 931 37 33
Robin Ringham (0115) 931 29 74


Amenities Cllrs.Ringham (C) P Hyde (VC) R Fife, Y Greenfield, R  and D Wright
Community Engagement Cllrs Y Greenfield (C)J Richardson (VC) J Johnson, T Hazard, R Fife and L King 
Finance & General Purposes Cllrs. P Hyde (C) R Ringham (VC), J Johnson, L King and J Richardson
Planning Cllrs T Hazard (C) Y Greenfield (VC) R Fife, D Wright and D Yates
Poplars Sports Ground Cllrs. R Ringham (C), T Hazard (VC) Y Greenfield, L King & D Wright
Old School Building Phase II Cllrs L King (C) Y Greenfield (VC) R Fife, T Hazard, J Johnson & R Ringham